The idea of considering energies from new solutions

The need to move away from fossil fuels (expensive, pollutants and non-renewable) to a more convenient and rational energy deriving from different types of biomass (like for example woodships and pruning residues) is what lies behind our project. This consists on the creation of small plants of high performance producing electricity and thermal energy from renewable sources and with the possibility to be integrated in already existing plants (photovoltaic system, solar thermal plants etc…)

Solution for the energy

Study, research, experience and competence have enabled the New Eng Srl to create a cogeneration plants suitable for small-medium companies, ideal for different areas and sector (with rated powers from 11 to 60 kW), offering help for the staff training and technical support.

With small quantity of biomass needed, the quality of the gas obtained and the high performances similar to those of bigger plants, we can get cutting edge technologies.

All these technologies can be verified through the pilot plant at New Eng srl headquarters.

At the pilot test facility you test the operation of the process (even with own biomass) and consider possible personalized solutions according to the own needs.